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X5 Tungsten Guide Rod (COMING SOON)

X5 Tungsten Guide Rod (COMING SOON)

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Designed and manufactured by SIGMECH as a direct replacement to the SIG factory part 1302581-R. It fits the X5 P320 ONLY and will not fit the Compact, Carry or Full size slides.


The SIGMECH X5 Tungsten Heavy Alloy Guide Rod provides operators an additional 2.67oz of weight at the muzzle end of their X5 to leverage and reduce felt recoil. This makes these guide rods a preferred upgrade for competition shooters, as well as operators that are looking to squeeze every last ounce of performance from their X5. 

Designed specifically for heavy duty use, each guide rod is created using specially selected, high quality, tungsten heavy alloys (WHA) that will guarantee you a lifetime of heavy impact and wear resistance. Furthermore, each rod is CNC machined to tight tolerances and surface smoothness, which not only provides consistent support of the recoil spring body, but also   promotes smooth slide cycling.

SIGMECH X5 Tungsten Heavy Alloy Guide Rods are essentially designed to exceed the parts' required, real world, mechanical need and guarantee quality and performance. All SIGMECH OE Parts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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