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Sig Mechanics

Safety Lever Pivot Pin

Safety Lever Pivot Pin

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Designed by Sig Mechanics and manufactured as a direct replacement to the SIG factory part 1300674-R. It fits in ALL P320 FCUs including: 9mm | .45ACP | .40SW | and .357SIG.


As shown in the product images, the Safety Lever Pivot pin supports the safety lever in the FCU. Its purpose is to provide a pivot point for the lever to rotate around as the operator pulls or releases the trigger. 

The Sig Mechanics "Over-Engineered" Safety Lever Pivot Pin (as the name suggests), is purposefully manufactured to be "over-engineered" for it's intended application. This pin is CNC machined (Not a MIM part), out of 4150 bar stock steel for heavy duty industrial use, chromed for additional durability and smoothness and hardened to HRC ~50, making it extremely wear resistant for long term use in your P320. It's essentially designed to exceed the parts' required, real world, mechanical need and guarantee quality and performance. All SIGMECH OE Parts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



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