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Sear Housing Roll Pin

Sear Housing Roll Pin

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This roll pin is manufactured as a direct replacement to the SIG factory part 1301341-R. and works in all P320 FCUs including: 9mm | .45ACP | .40SW | and .357SIG, for both Manual and non-Manual safety P320 models. 


This Sear Housing Roll Pin OE Part (Over-Engineered Part) is designed by SIGMECH for heavy duty industrial applications. This hardened, chromed, stainless steel version of the roll pin has a Rockwell Hardness Rating of ~53, making it extremely wear resistant for long term use in your P320. The roll pins are made in an ISO compliant factory meaning that each pin is manufactured to exact dimensions, tolerance and design. The ends are also chamfered for easy installation in the FCU frame.

In most respects, this sear housing roll pin is "over-engineered" for its intended application. However, to ensure the absolute best replacement part for your P320 (that also surpasses factory standards), this roll pin was purposefully created to exceed its mechanical need to guarantee quality and performance.

NOTE: The sear housing roll pin is a coiled metal part made to "deform" when it enters through an opening in order to "press-fit" and "fill" the hole its being put into. Due to the deforming of the metal Sig Sauer (as part of their armourers course) considers the roll pin to be a single-use part and recommends it should be replaced with a new roll pin any time the FCU is fully disassembled and the original roll pin is removed. 



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